Processing Services

We can take the 2D photographs that you have collected from the MACS 3D and create millimeter and sub-millimeter relative accuracy 3D meshes and point clouds .The final relative accuracy will depend on factors such as the focal length of the lenses used and your collection methodology (i.e., factors such as photograph overlap density, stand-off distance, lighting and shading during collect, etc.). You may upload to our cloud processing services or you may overnight mail hard drives for us to mount on our systems for processing.

Processing Services

Data Capture & Visualization

We can deploy our MACS 3D sensor to almost any location to capture assets on an on-demand, or long-term high-volume basis. We deploy a certified Pilot and Observer for all flights. Some of the data products that we can deliver as a part of these services include the:


• 2D ultra high-resolution photographs

• 3D Meshes

• Point Clouds

• Direct to CAD LOD 200, 350, 450

• Direct to Bentley’s Open Tower platform

• Direct to Talon Viewer

• Output prepared for visualization and analyses in tools produced by companies such as Esri, Bentley, AutoDesk, 5x5, Hexagon, open source and others.

Data Capture & Visualization

Engineering Reporting Services

Working with engineering partners such as Black & Veatch, Paul J. Ford, Malouf Engineering and others, as an example in the Telecom industry for communication towers, we can produce full:


• Mount Analyses

• Structural Analyses

• Mount Maps

• TIA reports

Engineering Reporting Services

Custom Gimbal and Drone Integration

we can integrate with many types of gimbals and with most UAS that can handle a payload of 4.5kg or more. Please contact us with your gimbal or drone specifications and CAD models so that we can provide an estimated scope for the integration and a rapid turnaround of the production system.

Custom Gimbal and Drone Integration

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We work with partners globally, including services firms, system integrators, resellers,
technology and solution providers and any organization
that can benefit from the application of millimeter-class data.