• Measure rail wear using cross-sections at high-risk locations (switches, frogs) to millimeter accuracy

• Assess and measure rail plate status from oblique angles

• Assess quality of rail ties to meet FRA compliance

• Measure rail and tie positional changes to millimeter accuracy

• See the stamps on the side of rails as clear as in-person

• Predict where and when line-of-sight obstructions generate risk

• Predict where flooding, snow and ice can cause structural and/or functional failure using detailed topographic model of the rail bed

• Automate change detection with a millimeter or sub-millimeter class Digital Twin

• Examine load details to mitigate risk and plan with 1/16” – 1/32” accuracy


3d Reality Model Example
with photorealistic mesh and point cloud

Note: This data can be viewed by any software product that can visualize 2d photos, 3d meshes and point clouds (ESRI, Bentley, Autodesk, Hexagon, etc.)

The MACS difference



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