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Visual Intelligence LP has over twenty years of aerial mapping expertise utilizing airplanes and unmanned vehicles for target acquisition. We are pleased to present the market with the very best sensor available for the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems market, the MACS 3D ARRAY. This dual Sony A7 R4 sensor system extends itself into a pilot-controlled, GPS accurate, sensor system. With two different GPS solutions available, this system is versatile and unbelievably accurate without the need for GCPs. While we currently sell this sensor onboard a DJI M600 class drone, it is truly drone agnostic, meaning we are able to put it onto any drone that can meet the ten-pound payload requirement for lift.



Mr. Miller is a lawyer and accountant by education. He is President of 4M Investments, LLC, an international private investment company, since 2001. He is also the founder, Chairman and majority shareholder of Visual Intelligence, LP, a privately held imaging technologies company since 2003, as well as Executive Chairman of 4M HR Logistics, LLC.

Mr. Miller has extensive executive, financial and governance experience as a significant shareholder, executive officer and director of both start-up companies and large public companies. He has served on audit, compensation, finance and governance board committees. From 1994 to 2002, Mr. Miller was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE:CCI), a global wireless communications infrastructure company he founded in 1994, with a current enterprise value in excess of $50 billion. He was the founder and majority shareholder of Intercomp Technologies, LLC, dba Intercomp Global Services, a privately held business process outsourcing company founded in Moscow, Russia in 1994 with operations throughout the former C.I.S. Intercomp was sold to Elbrus Capital in October 2013. From 2003 to 2010, he was the founder, Chairman and majority shareholder of M7 Aerospace, LP, a privately held aerospace service, manufacturing and technology company which was sold to Elbit Systems of America (NASDAQ:ESLT) in December 2010. Mr. Miller was also a shareholder and served as a member of the board of directors of Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (NYSE:ACS), a global business process outsourcing company employing over 70,000 employees with a $6 billion market capitalization from November 2008 until the acquisition of the company by Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) in February 2010. He was also a shareholder and board member of Airgas, Inc. (NYSE:ARG) which is a supplier of industrial, medical and other specialty gases. Airgas was sold to Air Liquide in May 2016 for $14 billion. Additionally, Mr. Miller owns, manages and develops office, retail, hotel and distribution space across the U.S.


President & CTO

Mr. Tilley is a former Air Force Officer, Senior Engineer, and Executive with over 30 years’ experience in Remote Sensing, Mapping, and GIS.   Mr. Tilley has Chef Engineer (Ball Aerospace), Vice President (Boeing-Resource21), Chief Technical Officer (PGTEK, Visual Intelligence), VP/General Manager (Sanborn Map Company), Senior Analyst (IC), and other positions across the DoD, Intelligence, Commercial, and Mapping industries.   

His expertise includes collection systems design (UAV, aerial, satellite), processing systems (algorithm development, cloud processing), and intelligent analytics of remote sensing data for government and commercial applications.  He was the chief engineer for DigitalGlobe’s Quickbird Satellite Sensor. He was a distributor of Google Earth Enterprise and an integrator while at Sanborn. Also at Sanborn, Mr. Tilley led sales, operations, and technology for aerial photography, LiDAR, and ground survey for seven multi-engine aircraft and 15 sensor systems while delivering 80-100 projects simultaneously worldwide.  He led design and technical management for large-scale ground processing systems including satellite ground stations, advanced archive/data management, and networked systems. He delivered 3D city models for the Dubai Police GIS (as a sub to Harris) and to the Survey of India (3D model of New Delhi for World Cup Security).  

During his career at Ball Aerospace (Principle System Engineer) and PGTEK (VP) he led in image processing and analysis applications including GIS, hyper-/multi-spectral, 3D, and image exploitation for commercial and intelligence applications including predictive analytics for the IC and Agricultural Change Detection while at Resource-21.   His optical sensor array design experience reaches back to his days at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory for Multi-Aperture High-Energy Laser Systems and also developed advanced optical simulation solutions for multi-telescope array systems one of which was the European Southern Observatory (Extremely Large Telescope) while at Ball Aerospace.   Mr. Tilley is also a software engineer having led e-business solutions for delivering spatial data and products that include designing/implementing order management, on-line spatial catalogs, and automated delivery systems based on SOA principles, ESRI Suite, Open Source, and Oracle/SQL Server databases.   

He holds a MSEE in Electro-Optics, Computer Science, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1984, a BSEE in Electrical Engineering, U.S. Air Force Academy, 1981, and is a FAA Certified Instrument Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot, Remote Pilot



Tripp Rice is a Partner at 4M Investments, LLC and is responsible for investment valuation, due diligence, execution and portfolio company operations.  He holds various leadership and board level positions within 4M owned companies. Additionally, Mr. Rice is responsible for all real estate operations and development for the firm.

Before 4M, Mr. Rice was an Associate at Wellspring Capital Management, a generalist private equity firm in New York, with $3 billion in assets under management where Mr. Rice was responsible for investment valuation, due diligence, execution and portfolio company operations. During his time at Wellspring he completed $200million of acquisitions in the manufacturing and distribution sectors and oversaw companies with revenues in excess of $1 billion.

Prior to Wellspring, Mr. Rice worked as an Analyst at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. in the investment banking, leveraged finance, and financial sponsors groups where Mr. Rice developed financial models, performed industry research, and wrote capital commitment committee memoranda for leveraged buyouts and acquisitions of non-investment grade companies across industry verticals.  During his time at Bear he was involved in over $5 billion of financial commitments.

Mr. Rice earned a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree with Distinction (Concentrations in Finance and Management) from the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce.


EVP, Strategy & Chief Revenue Officer

Rand brings more than 25 years of experience in technology, startups and private equity, mid-sized companies and academic research institutions. Examples include the Hexagon, CH2M Hill, TIBCO, Esri, Critigen, Radiance Solar, Roadie, Securrency and Golden Gate Capital; in addition to advisory roles on numerous startups in emerging market spaces. As a line-of-business GM, Rand has scaled businesses beyond $100M P&L's and has managed organizations with offices in 15 countries.  Dr. Knight completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the National Science Foundation (NSF), working as a Staff Scientist for the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) on the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). Rand holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Ecosystems Analysis from the University of Washington, Seattle; and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College in Vermont. Rand was born and raised in Georgia and received his Diploma from The Westminster Schools in Atlanta.


Chief Photogrammetrist

Richard Vincent is the Chief Photogrammetrist at Visual Intelligence, L.P. He is responsible for system calibration/qualification and determination of metric accuracy.

He develops the Photogrammetric and Products workflows focusing on accuracy, metrics and Quality Assurance. Mr Vincent is an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist and Part 107 UAS pilot.

He has over 35 years experience in the Photogrammetric / Lidar/ GIS and Geospatial products area.


Technical Product Manager

Joe McCoy is a Product Manager at Visual Intelligence, LP. In his current role, he oversees product design, product testing, technology transfer and training. He is also a drone pilot with more than 5 years of flying drones in professional capacity. Mr. McCoy was one of the driving forces moving the company from manned aircraft to small unmanned aerial vehicles.

Mr. McCoy has been with the company for 19 years and during that time has had several roles with in the company. He served as Operations Manager where his duties consisted of managing the day to day operations for flight crews, equipment and aircraft, nationally and internationally.

Mr. McCoy also served as an Airborne Camera and LiDAR Operator for the company with over 6500 hours of flight time in the collection aerial mapping and surveying data.

Mr. McCoy is a Veteran who served honorable for 5 years in the United States Army.


Product Manager

Karl Schwab is a MACS 3D ARRAY Product Manager at Visual Intelligence, LP. In his capacity he is primarily responsible for the auto-navigation and post flight QC development. This includes hardware/software development, integration and Test, and subsequent aerial data acquisition activities. Mr. Schwab has been with the company for five years.

Mr. Schwab has over thirty years of overall experience in Software and Systems Engineering including sixteen years of Real-Time and Embedded Engineering in various domains including Weapon/Turret Control (Crusader Self-Propelled Howitzer, MK-45 5”/54 caliber gun, MK-46 30mm/.50cal gun), Command & Control (Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor, PATRIOT Missile System, MK-41 Missile Interface Cabinet), Embedded Missile Systems (Standard Missile II Block IVA, Dome Cooling System), and Modbus/PLC Systems (Lufkin iWell Rod Pump Controller). He has worked for companies such as BAE Systems, United Defense, General Dynamics C4 Systems, General Dynamics Amphibious Systems and Raytheon Missile Systems Division.

Mr. Schwab attended school at Texas A&M and studied Electrical Engineering before committing to an honorable four-year tour in the United States Marine Corps as an 4063 – COBOL Programmer / 4067 - Ada Programmer. He was a honor graduate from basic training and served at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Georgia, 3rd Force Service Support Group in Okinawa Japan and Combat Service Support Detachment 34 in Camp Samae San Thailand.

Mr. Schwab has been a pilot in manned aviation for over twenty-four years of flight experience utilizing an instrument rating and commercial privileges in both Multi-Engine / Single-Engine airplanes. He also possesses a remote pilot license for small unmanned aerial systems with over five years of flight experience.


Chief Engineer

Nicolas Alvarado is the Chief Engineer at Visual Intelligence, LP where he manages all the physical aspects of research and design in the development of high resolution camera arrays and sensor gimbals for small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV). In addition to the mechanical aspects of the development process, he also provides electrical and production expertise to productize these R&D efforts. 

Mr. Alvarado has 14 years of experience in multiple engineering disciplines spanning from mechanical to electrical to software development. He has experience both onshore and off, and across multiple continents and oceans. He has worked on a plethora of marine projects from in-situ repairs of leaking subsea manifolds thousands of feet deep to the deployment of 400 ton subsea tidal turbines, from full ocean depth pressure vessels to a hull cleaning daughter ROV, and from innovative ROV launch and recovery systems to USVs for both military and commercial markets. In aerospace, he has run the gamut developing everything from a UAS ground station, to bespoke camera payloads, including command & control electronics, aircraft avionics, long endurance fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and custom stabilization gimbals.

Mr. Alvarado received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology from the University of Houston and has worked toward a master’s degree in subsea engineering at the University of Aberdeen. 


Lead Software Developer

Tuy Mai is a lead software developer at Visual Intelligence, LP since 2016. In his capacity he is primarily responsible for many critical software modules in the workflow including onboard image capturing, image post processing, quality assurance and point cloud production. Mr. Mai is also responsible for optimizing and streamlining backend processing hardware to minimize processing time and costs and to scale up to a large workload. 

Mr. Mai has over thirty years of overall experience in designing and building large software systems in such areas as real time systems, embedded systems, databases, web portals, networking and more. He authored software utilities that became dominant in their fields with a few hundred thousand customers.

Mr. Mai received a B.S degree in Computer Science at the University of Houston in 1984 as valedictorian and an M.S. degree in 1988 from the same university. He worked for Shell Oil Company in mainframe computers and large PC network deployment from 1984 to 1996. He has been successful as a software entrepreneur after leaving Shell. Mr. Mai is highly experienced in software and hardware optimization and integration and designing and building complex systems. He is well versed in both older and more modern computer languages and systems such as mainframe systems, Windows, Linux, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc.


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